About Us

Mobile Sports and Entertainment Group (MSEG) provides community based and affordable family fun entertainment ranging from concerts to charitable causes to sporting events. MSEG also aims to be a catalyst to sports careers and to be a force in building up baseball in the lower income communities. MSEG will also provide a retail space that will include the selling of sports merchandise and memorabilia year round. The Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum, a one-of-a-kind museum will be hosted, marketed, and controlled by MSEG on the grounds of Hank Aaron Stadium as well.

The target audience for MSEG is families of the Mobile Community who wish to have a new source of entertainment that is rarely provided in this area. MSEG also targets young athletes to showcase their abilities to sources such as colleges or major sports franchises in an effort to jumpstart their possible sports careers. An additional target audience will be those consumers looking to purchase sports memorabilia and merchandise in support of the teams that entertain them. The basis of MSEG is a sports venue and sports will be a large focus of entertaining customers.

What Drives Us

Entertainment is always evolving however it is always a product that people want and need in their everyday lives. MSEG will offer some of the best entertainment in the area with different avenues, directions and audiences as it continues to grow and gravitate towards the future needs of the consumer.

Mission Statement

Providing community based entertainment is our goal. Providing an environment for sports entertainment and a catalyst to sports careers is our inspiration. Creating memories one event at a time is our mission. We will preserve the past, participate in the present and prepare for the future.